How do I Customize the Work Orders App?

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Answered on August 7, 2015 06:18am by Kanimozhi Lakshmanan

Work Orders App has the most configuration settings of any application.

  1. Log in and access Work Orders App from universal navigation menu bar.
  2. Click on “Settings” icon located at app header bar.


The first page that loads includes general settings for work order creation. These settings include whether work orders are billed by products/services, automatic work order id generation, the ability to enable multiple currencies, and the approval for the work order (Either from employee manager or from the customer contact). Select your desired settings, and make sure to click the “Update” button.


Click on the Views which will appear as the link on the left column of the app home page. Enable the menu(s) which you would like to look for.

Problem Codes

Click on the “Problem Codes” link. This is where you can define the codes used to describe the type of problem this work order is for. Once codes are added here, they can selected when editing a work order.
Problem Code

Resolution Codes

The next setting is “Resolution Codes”. This is where you can define the codes used to describe the type of resolution which was reached for this work order. Once codes are added here, they can selected when editing a work order.
Resolution Code


The next setting is “Job Severity”. You will control the options available for job severity just like you did for job status. 


You also have the option to configure the job urgency field, which again works the same as job status.


Next is your taxes. This is where you configure tax codes, which allow you to apply sales, use, and other taxes to the services and products in your work order. These tax codes will be shared with your Invoices and Estimates apps.

PDF Templates

The next setting is PDF templates. Here you can generate customized templates that will be delivered to your customers. Click here to read more about creating custom work order templates.
PDF template

Message Templates

To assist in communicating to customers, the next setting is message templates. This feature allows you to set up pre-defined message that can be sent to your customers via email. Create a template here, and then you will have the ability to apply this template when creating an email activity.
Message Template

Custom Attributes

Almost done! The last setting provides total control over the work orders app, allowing you to add any custom fields not provided by default. You are able to set up new sections and fill them up with your own text fields, radio buttons, drop downs, etc.
Custom Attributes

All done, your Service Work Orders App is now customized for your business.

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