What makes a safe long-term choice for small business?

March 26, 2013 05:11am by Apptivo FAQ

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Answered on January 18, 2013 03:47pm by Apptivo FAQ

Whether it be just for CRM, only website management, or all of your business processes; making the transition to a new piece of software is one that must be carefully thought out. Business owners and managers need to be aware of the potential problems they might encounter when unforeseen circumstances arise, and plan accordingly to assure their company's success. You, as a decision maker, need to take charge in investigating the details of any endeavor your employees take on, and make sure to flush out, and plan for, any points in which the project could go wrong. Below you will find answers to some of these important questions that need to be asked when looking to adopt new technology.

How is my data protected? Am I vulnerable to hackers? Can employees be prevented from seeing sensitive data?

One of the great things about moving your data into the cloud is the additional security you can employ. Instead of managing the physical hardware, and network architecture in-house; you can leave that job to the professionals at Apptivo. Our dedicated IT team is focused on one goal: keeping your data safe and accessible only to the right people. On the other side of things, you are protected within your organization by comprehensive security features and access roles that can be customized for each employee. An employee will only see business data in which you explicitly grant them access to. Find out more details about Apptivo security.

What happens if Apptivo goes out of business. Where does my data go, what about the time we spent setting up the process?

First and foremost, Apptivo is a revolutionary product which is quickly gaining a strong user base and paving the future for SaaS business management products. We aren't going anywhere, you can count on us for the long run. Now, like stated above, it is perfectly understandable that a savvy business owner needs to have their contingency plan ready to go. In order to make sure business owners can make a risk-free decision; Apptivo guarantees you will never lose access to your business management tool suite. In the event we are no longer able to provide our software services to businesses, Apptivo will provide users with a complete instance of their Apptivo system to be used after we are gone. This means that no matter what, you business will never lose access to the time & effort spent in getting yourselves organized with our tools; and your benefits from the system will never cease to exist.


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