RingCentral Integration Overview

Integrate RingCentral with Apptivo CRM to make calls easy with your sales personnel. Apptivo users can now connect their RingCentral accounts to place calls & sync call logs. This feature is available in Apptivo Premium & Ultimate membership.

Let's take a quick walk through Apptivo-RingCentral Integration to understand the key features.

What It does..
  • Make a call from Web/Mobile
  • Receive Incoming Calls
  • Automatic Call Logging
  • Display contact details
  • Mac OS
  • Windows OS
Integration Requirements
  • A RingCentral account
  • RingCentral Softphone App
  • Access by Administrator
  • Apptivo CRM Premium membership

How it Works

An administrator will perform some quick setup to connect RingCentral, and select the proper extension for all employees. Once enabled, all call logging occurs automatically in real-time.

RingCentral Key Features

CRM sales pipeline

A Single Click for a Call

Call your Leads and Customers from Apptivo CRM by clicking on the telephony symbol on the CRM page.

Receive Incoming Calls

When an incoming call is received from a Lead or a Contact, the receiver will be able to see the complete details of the caller.
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Follow up Summary

A follow up with call date, time and history is noted and Call subject and summary can be added up.

Create New Leads

A call by a new user on hand opens up a new Lead creation page thus making your business simpler and grow faster.
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Call Settings

Go to RingCentral App. Tap on View Settings - > Calls. Enable the Launch External app and enter the following URL in "Execute Command Box".

Initiating Outbound Calls

Tap the telephony icon in the existing record of the desired Lead and change the settings to Outgoing to make outbound calls via RingCentral.
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Frequently Asked Questions