Can I Create Custom Attributes? How?

Updated on April 5, 2018 05:21AM by Admin

Many a time you would like to add your own custom attributes to a Customers, Contacts, Invoices, Leads  Applications. This is now made possible with Apptivo Financial Software. Apptivo software give you the ability to customize all apps to your needs. The following instructions guides you to set up custom attributes.

How to Add Custom Attributes

  1. Go to the app in which you would like to add custom attributes to. We will use the Contacts App. Go to the Settings of the App.
  2. Click on "Customize App" link in the left navigation bar.
  3. Choose the Sections. You can customize with one or two column section.
  4. Drag and drop Attributes into the Sections.
  5. Rename Sections and Attributes by clicking on the text. A popup will appear for you to enter the name and update.

You have now created your first custom attribute. Go through the other apps and add your own custom attributes.

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