Can I Assign Tasks to Multiple People?

Updated on February 26, 2019 10:40PM by Admin

Tasks are a specific itemized work or a single initiative which can be associated with any number of objects like case, orders etc. You can assign the tasks to multiple employees in order to accomplish it in a short span of time. This, in turn, will increase the productivity of the organization.

Steps to assign Tasks to Multiple Users

For Instance: If you a Marketing Manager. You are responsible for splitting up the tasks among your sales representatives. There may be a few tasks that should be accomplished with the help of a couple of representatives. On that case, it would be much simpler, if you had an option to assign the tasks to them instead of adding creating the same tasks for all of them.

You can assign the tasks to the employees in two ways:

Steps to assign tasks while creating it

  • Log in and click on “Tasks” from the left navigation panel.

    Tasks Option

  • Click on “Create Task” button at the top right corner.

    Create Option

  • Provide task description, start date, provide status and category etc.
  • In "assigned to" field, you can add more employees by clicking on the "+" icon to add attendees.

    Create Option

  • "Assignee Search and Select" popup appears, in which select contact or employee and click on “search” button.
  • Now select employee/contact from the list by clicking on the “Select” button.

    Employee list

  • All the selected employee/contacts will be found under assigned to the field.

    Assigned to field

Steps to Bulk Assign employees after creating the tasks

  • Log in and click on “Tasks” from the left navigation panel.

    Tasks Option

  • Click on “Create Task button at the top right corner.

    Create Option

  • Select one or more Tasks from the Show All page. You can find the Bulk Action button enabled.

    Bulk selection

  • Make your selections as Bulk Action → Update → Task Details → Assigned to.

    Bulk assigned to

  • You can find a pop-up message to bulk assign the employees.

    Bulk Update Assigned to

  • Click on the "+" button to choose the employees from the Employees App.

  • Choose all the employees to whom you want to bulk assign the task and click on Add.

    Bulk assign the employees

  • You can find the employees populated in the Assigned to field, click on Update.

    Bulk assigned tasks

  • Once updated you can find the task assigned to all the employees who were added as assignee.