Creating Target Lists and Adding them to Constant Contact

Updated on May 12, 2020 06:37AM by Admin

  • Log in and access the Targets app from the universal menu.
  • Click on the Create button and select the static Target list.
Targets App
  • Add the name of the Target List and add the description as per your preferences.
  • Then, click on the Create button.
Create List
  • The target list will get created.
  • You can view the tabs of Targets, Contacts, Leads, Employees, and Customers.
Target list created
  • Click on the Targets tab, click on the Add.
Target Tab
  • Select and add the Targets from the List.
Add Target
  • You can view the selected Targets added on the list.
List Added
  • Once the Target list has been added, click on the Overview tab.
  • Then, click on the Export button.
  • By clicking on the Export button, you can view the MailChimp, SendGrid, and Constant Contact.
  • Select the Constant Contact.
Constant Contact
  • Your Target list will get downloaded in the SendGrid Format in the CSV file.
  • Then, Log in to Constant Contact account and use this CSV file to send a mail.
Excel File