How do I Integrate My Google Documents?

Updated on July 11, 2017 10:13PM by Admin

The only things you need to work with Google Documents / Google Drive are: (1) A Google account (2) The Premium or Enterprise plan. Check here to learn more about the Apptivo plans.

The documents integration will work with any Google account, even Gmail! No setup is required, just make sure you are already logged into Google in another browser tab. We also have several other G Suite integrations, which you can read more about.

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Navigate to any Apps like Projects, Invoices, Employees, Customers and so on.
  3. When viewing an item in most of Apptivo’s Apps, you will see a documents tab.
  4. Under documents tab, click on “Add Google Document”. For instance: Contacts App
    Add document from Google drive
  5. A popup will display to select a document, you can browse by folder or list view here :
    Google Drive Search
  6. Check the box next to any file you want to attach, and click "Select"
    Google Document Selection
  7. You can also upload a brand new file from your computer to drive
    Google Drive Upload
  8. You’re all set! You can now sync your Google Docs/Drive with Apptivo!
    View the added doc

Security Features:

•    Employees who do not have access to the app cannot view that document.
•    Employees who do not have access to the document cannot view that document.
•    When someone deletes a document, it will not be deleted in Google Drive/Documents.