How do I Delete Contact Categories and Types?

Updated on October 6, 2017 12:45AM by Admin

 Apptivo Contacts App, does not give the user the provision to delete contact categories and types. However,  you can disable the contact categories and types from contacts app. The following steps will give you an idea about how to disable Categories.

Steps to Disable Contact Types and Categories

  1. Log in and access Contacts App in your universal navigation menu bar.
  2. Click on "More" icon and select “Settings” at the app header bar.
    Contact Setting
  3. Select "Categories" from the left navigation panel.
  4. By default, categories will be in enabled mode.
  5. You can disable "Categories" by clicking on "Disable" icon.
  6. Now select "Contact Types" from the left navigation panel.
  7. By default contact types will be in enabled mode.
    Contact Type
  8. You can disable "Contact Types" by clicking on "Disable" icon.

Note: You cannot view the disabled contact types and categories in left panel views.

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