How do I Manage my Price List?

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A Price list is a list in which we can define more than one price for an item. Okay, what is the use of this price list?  You could set different prices for different customers, say like you could sell a product at an offer price for your existing customers. By this way you could keep your customers happy.

Steps to Manage Price List

  1. Log in and access Pricing App from universal navigation menu bar.
  2. Click on "Create Price List" button from the left navigation panel.
    Create Price list]
  3. You can view "Create Price List" popup, in which provide:
    • Name
    • Description
  4. Choose your "Currency" from the drop down. 
  5. Select "All" tab from the left sidebar.
  6. All the price list will appear; select the one you need to view.
  7. Map an item with your price by clicking on Add under Item list.
    View the list
  8. Now, this item will be mapped with the price list. You could make sure this from the Items App
    Items ecommerce tab
  9. And you’re done! You’ve successfully created a price list and mapped it with an Item.
  10. Click here to learn more about how to use price list.

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