How do I share a single project with a user in my business?

Updated on July 3, 2017 11:33PM by Admin

You can create a user within your business, and configure the project management application so that this user can only see and work on this one project. This can be useful for sharing projects with contractors, customers, or other outside parties. Of course, these same steps can be used to give access to a regular employee so they can view & collaborate on tasks.

What will be shared with the user?

We will assign a security role to the user which provides complete access to modify a project, but we'll also include "data level access" to restrict their access to only projects which you grant access to. This security role will also restrict their access from any other applications in the system, so they will only be able to access the projects app.

How do I add a user to view my project?

  1. Add the new user as an employee in your business. Give them the "Project User" security role.

    create employee
  2. Enable data-level access in the projects app.
  3. Add this user to the project team of your desired project(s).

What will the new user experience?

Once you perform step 1, you can expect the user to receive an email with their password to log in. After you have given them access to a project, they will receive another email notifying them of that.

Now the user can log in to account, and they will only see the Projects App on top. When they click on the projects app, they will only see the one project you have added them to.