How do I give access to temporary contractors without buying a license for each?

Updated on July 25, 2017 12:11AM by Admin

Most of the firm would not want to pay the accounts that is opened  for all contract employees who join as an intern or on temporary basis. Here are a couple solutions. Read the following.

All accounts will require you to have a license for all users who have access at one time.  This means there are two simple solutions:

  1. Create one or more “floating” account such as And give temporary access to your contractors for these accounts.

  2. Create an individual employee for every contractor.  But “end employment” once they are done working.  This will free up the license they were using, so you can either create a new employee, or you can re-enable an existing contractor who comes back to work for you again.

We would recommend #2 as the best solution as it lets your contractors still subscribe to email alerts and have their own name shown in all tasks/projects. If the contractor works for you again, you will be able to re-enable them as an employee instantly.

Note: Paid users will be able to assign roles to contractors; limiting contractors to specific apps they are allowed to access. Standard Free Plan users will be allowed to access all apps. Upgrade your plan here.