How do I Schedule Follow Up for Opportunities in CRM?

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Follow up is a process of monitoring the existing opportunities in future date. Follow up schedule needs to be maintained in order to keep track of potential opportunities.

Lets go through the following steps.

Steps to Create Follow Up

  1. Log in and access Opportunities App from your universal navigation menu bar. 
  2. Select an existing opportunity which needs to schedule follow up.
    Schedule Follow up
  3. Click on “Schedule follow up” button and specify: 
    • Followup Date - Date to be followed.
    • Reminder Time-Reminder
    • Description - Follow up description.
      Create Followup
  4. You can view scheduled follow up opportunities in “To follow up” menu from left navigation panel.

How do I Complete follow up?

  1. Select the opportunity from the “To follow up” menu.
    My followup
  2. Click on the “Tick mark” next to follow up date as shown in the image below:  the opportunity follow up will be marked as completed.View Opportunity

Follow ups shown in calendar views

As follow ups schedules are necessary to avoid missing prospective business deals. It’s essential for your businesses to maintain all the list of follow ups in one place. It would be quiet difficult to view your leads/opportunities follow ups separately under each of its app. But now you can view all your scheduled follow ups of leads/opportunities together in a calendar view. So, view this calendar scheduled follow ups in your Apptivo’s home dashboard itself.

To know how to schedule follow ups with calendar views in home dashboard

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