How do I Schedule Follow Up for Leads in CRM?

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How much time and effort do you and your sales team put in to following up with the leads? This is a rhetorical question every small business owner and his team should ask themselves.

You need to think whether your current follow-up practices are actually working.  Lead follow-up in a continuous process and a certain amount of time needs to be devoted to convert them.

Statistics show that only a two percent sales occur on the  first attempt. This actually happens only because a lead has done his research on the the products/services and zeroed on your firms product. The research also reveals that nearly 80 percent of all sales are usually closed only on the fifth through twelfth contact. 

5 Strategies and Tactics to Follow-up  on Leads

1. Create a Follow-Up Timetable

Never leave anything to chance. Create a schedule that maps out when telephone calls and emails should be made and send out. This should be mapped for an entire year where the frequency and intent of communication should be aligned with the level of interest shown and current requirements of the prospect.

2. Follow-up methods

There are different methods and channels to get in touch with the leads. You can reach out to them via emails, snail mail, phone calls, Facebook and similar social platforms, Snapchat, Whatsapp and so on.

3. Timing is everything

Survey have shown that Wednesday and Thursday are the two days when the email open rates and phone contact rates are more. Therefore, schedule your follow-up on these two days instead of on the beginning of the week and closing of the week.

4. Design good Email templates

Have a personalized email templates in place to assist you in your follow-up process. Remember, personalization is crucial as it makes the lead feel that you are talking directly to him/her.

5. Create meaningful content

Though, there are various ways to put  the question, "are you ready to buy?". There is a limitation on the number of times that you can ask your prospect the question. When you ask too many times, there is a possibility of unsubscribing your firm from the mailing list. The truth is people buy when they want to not when you are ready to sell.

Apptivo Leads App allows the user to schedule follow-up  and following  are the steps. Lets take a quick look at it.

Steps to Schedule Follow-up in Leads

  1. Log in and access Leads App from your universal navigation menu bar.
  2. Create a new lead or select an existing lead.
  3. Select a lead you would like to view, click on "More" icon.
    view more details
  4. Click on “Schedule follow up” button.
    leads overview
  5. Provide follow date and description for scheduling follow up and click on “Create” button.
    create schedule Followup
  6. You can view the scheduled follow up lead as shown in the image below:
    view created schedule followup

Follow ups shown in calendar views

As follow ups schedules are necessary to avoid missing prospective business deals. It’s essential for your businesses to maintain all the list of follow ups in one place. It would be quiet difficult to view your leads/opportunities follow ups separately under each of its app. But now you can view all your scheduled follow ups of leads/opportunities together in a calendar view. So, view this calendar scheduled follow ups in your home dashboard itself.

To know how to schedule follow ups with calendar views in home dashboard

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