How do I link candidates to an existing position?

Updated on July 7, 2017 01:45AM by Admin

Recruitment App supports you to link the jobs with the Candidates. This allows you to offer or reject the candidates. According to the actions performed here it will be integrated to Candidates app. The candidates status will be updated.

Steps to Link candidates to an existing job

  1. Log in and access Recruitment App from your universal navigation menu bar.
  2. Create a new position or select an existing position.  
  3. Click on "Candidates" tab next to "Overview" tab.

    canditates tab
  4. You can view the three sections based on the candidates.

Candidate List

It specifies the list of candidates who applied for the existing positions. The information about the candidate can be tracked in the Candidates app. If you need to add the candidate to the list, then follow the steps below.

  1. Click on "Add" button to add candidates.
  2. Search and select the applied candidates. 

    adding candidates
  3. You can view a added candidates as shown in the image below:

    added candidate
  4. Click on "Offer" button to offer a candidate.
  5. Click on "Reject" button to reject a candidate.

Selected Candidates

Candidates those who were offered for the position. Once the candidate is offered the position, their status will automatically change from “Applied” to “Offered” in the Candidates App.

  1. Locate and enable checkbox of the candidates from "Candidates List".
    candidate offer
  2. Click on “Offer” button,  you can view the offered candidate as shown in the image below:
    offered candidate

Rejected Candidates

Candidates those who were rejected will be listed here. If the candidates are rejected for the position, then the status of the candidate will be changed automatically from “Applied” to “Rejected” in the Candidates app.

  • Choose and check candidate's box from the candidate list.
    candidate rejected
  • Click on "Reject", now you can view the candidates who gets rejected would be under rejected candidates.
    rejected candidates