How do I customize the recruitment app?

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The recruitment process includes analyzing the requirements of a position, screening the candidate and hiring new employees to the organization.
Recruitment App is highly customized in order to support you to have the ability of configuring each setting.
First, you’ll need to

  1. Log in and access Recruitment App from your universal navigation menu bar.
  2. Click on “Settingsicon located at the app header bar.Settings A popup will appear with the group of configurations on the left, now we’ll go through each one with their actual values and adjust the actual values on the right:


You’ll see a page that loads the general settings for Recruitment app. This allows you to choose the recruitment numbering system, either automated or manually entered at the time of creation for each position.

  • If you choose yes then the "Prefix" field is optional. Skip or go directly to "Start with".
  • If you choose no, then you will have to manually enter the number at the time of creation.
  • Make sure to click the update button.


This setting lets you configure, how the menus would display with the filters on your dashboard. Click on “Views”  which will appear as the link on the left column on the app home page. Enable or disable menu(s) which you would like to look view.


Statuses show the life cycle stage of the position. It includes New, Approved,Canceled and Closed statuses. You can Enable or disable a status from appearing in recruitment app home dashboard. 


Industry plays the major part of the population. Here you’ve provided with frequent industry that may be relevant to your business. For example: Aerospace & Defense are an industry, you can create the position related to this, which may be applicable to your business.

Position Categories

You can define category of the position whether it may be full time or part time or contract. This category supports you to find the status of the candidates. The candidates who prefer to occupy in a different category may seek to you.
Position Categories

Message Templates

Message templates is the most common feature found on all apps. They allow you to create custom email messages that can be sent to customers and save frequently used messages for quick access.
Click on “Message Templates” to create your own template. You have the ability to use this template at the time of creating an email activity.
Message Templates

Custom Attributes

Custom attributes is the common feature for all apps. These are business attributes that give you the option to customize fields.
Click on “Custom Attributes”. Recruitment app allows you to add any custom fields not provided on the creation page by default. You can load your creation page with new sections and fill them with your own fields, radio buttons, drop downs and more.

Now you are ready with your preferred configuration customized with the actual values like,

  • Position# - either it is automated or manually entered.
  • Displaying the menus on the left navigation.
  • Creating your own industry and position category, aligning, enabling and disabling them.
  • The common features like message templates and custom attributes were also modified with their actual values.

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