How do I Convert Candidate to an Employee?

Updated on March 4, 2020 05:08AM by Admin

Apptivo allows you to perform the conversion from one app to the other. You can map the attributes of an app to any other app in Apptivo and can create conversion by simply adding in the details and values. By doing this you can get the values and details updated in the app. Here we are converting Candidate to an Employee by using both Standard conversion and Custom conversion.

  • Login and access Human Resources→ Candidates from the Universal navigation menu bar.


  • Now click on Settings from the app header.

  • Select Candidate→ Conversion from the left panel.


  • The Object conversion view page will open in that select standard conversion.


  • Now go the Candidate record and open the Overview page. You will find Convert to Employee option from the right corner.

  • Once you select the Convert to Employee option, the details of the candidate will be auto-populated in the Employees app.

  • You can also perform conversion manually by using Custom conversion option. Enable Custom Conversion and click on the Mapping button.

  • Now Map the attributes of the Candidate app with an Employee app, here the First name, Last name is mapped. Click update.


  • Now open the Candidate record and click on Covert → To Employees option from the right corner.


  • You can find the First name and the Last name of a Candidate being mapped with the First and Last name of an Employee.