How do I create a team?

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Teams App in Apptivo enables your business to collaborate in an easy way. The team members (employees) can be added to their respective teams, which allows the business administrators and users to easily assign tasks or objects to a group of employees.

For instance: Consider a super-user (admin), who wants to create a “Support Team” for handling customer chats, sending followup emails to customers, following customers with their queries etc. To do so follow the below steps:

Steps to Create Teams

  1. Go to Teams App.
  2. Click on “Create” button.
    click on create
  3. In the creation page, enter the following details:
    • Name - This is the unique name for this team. You will search for this name when assigning objects/tasks to this team.
    • Email - Any email notifications will be sent to this email, whenever changes occur to an object assigned to this team.
    • Description - Description of the team.
    • Email Signature - Enter the text for email signature.
    • Tags - Add tags associated to this team.
      enter required details
  4. Click on “Create”. The team will be created successfully.

Steps to Add Employees to Team

  1. Once a team is created, click on “Add” in the overview page of the Team.
    to add employees
  2. Now, search and select the respective employees, using the checkboxes and click on “Add” button.
    search and select employees
  3. The employees will now be added successfully.
    employees added

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