Why do I see limited Apps when I Log in from Google's "More" link?

Updated on January 20, 2018 05:32AM by Admin

Apptivo’s Gsuite integration contains several different features, including both free and paid solutions. Every business will have their own requirements, whether their needs are just to share contacts, manage employees, CRM, or project management. Apptivo has three different applications, and many different configurations available, let us review the details of these features below.

What is Google’s more link?

Google’s more link is nothing but universal navigation links available under each app.

There are Three Apptivo apps available in Gsuite Marketplace.

  1. Apptivo Main App
    When you install the Apptivo Main App “Free CRM, Invoicing, Project Management & Timesheets software”, you will see and get access to all the apps available in Apptivo. You could enjoy the complete gsuite sync if you activate contacts sharing too.
  2. Free G Suite Contacts Sharing
    When you install the Apptivo Contacts sharing App, you will see Employees, Teams and Contacts apps only. This enables google contacts sync with your Apptivo crm.
  3. Apptivo HR Signature App
    When you install the Apptivo Free Email Signature Management App with HR Tracker, you will see Employees App only.

Methods to access all Apptivo apps at once

  • Log in through our main website apptivo.com
  • Install our main application from the marketplace, and instead click on the “Apptivo” link shown under the more menu for this app:


These are the two ways you could access other apps in Apptivo. Other important business apps like Apptivo Invoices, Projects, Timesheet app and still more accessible here. If you feel like you do not have more usage of other apps, Just install contacts sharing or HR management app.