How do I View Licenses During their Expiry?

Updated on January 29, 2017 11:16PM by Admin

You have the ability to view the created license under the term of expiry. This type filters the licenses during their expiry term i.e. the licenses which are about to expire in the term of “In 0-30 Days”, “In 31-90 Days” and “In 91-180 Days”

Steps to View Licenses by License Expiry

  1. Go to License Tracker App.
  2. Click on “By Licenses Expiry” from the left navigation panel. 
  3. It drops down three options “In 0-30 Days”, “In 31-90 Days” and “In 91-180 Days”
  4. In this example, the licenses which are having the expire days between 91- 180 days were listed.
  5. By clicking on "More Details" icon, you can "Edit" or "Delete" the licenses.

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