Can I Keep my Contact in Google, even after I Delete that Contact?

Updated on September 13, 2017 11:51PM by Admin

  1. Go to Google, choose “Contacts” option using “Contacts” drop down at the top.

  2. You can view all the contact sync options in the left navigation with their appropriate results on the right side.
  3. Click the “Apptivo Contacts”; you can view all the synced contacts from Apptivo. 
  4. Enable the check boxes of the contacts which you want to remove from Apptivo shared groups.
  5. Once you’ve enabled the check boxes you can view the group icon appears at the header level of the screen.
  6. Click group icon, it drops down all the Apptivo shared contact groups. Uncheck all the “Apptivo Shared Groups” and make sure to click the Apply option from the list.
  7. Now you can access the removed contacts from “My Contacts” but it will not be shared to other users.

In the following example you are able to view the exact structure of contact deleting from Apptivo.

Signing into Apptivo

  1. John Smith logged into Apptivo and accesses the Contacts App to configure the settings. 
  2. He disables the “Sync from 'My Contacts' Group into Apptivo” from the “G Suite Integration” setting (By default, this check box will be switched off).
    G suite

Signing into Google

  1. He navigates to his Gmail account to view the “Contacts”
    gmail contacts 
  2. Clicks the “Apptivo Contacts” from the left navigation. 
    contacts apptivo 
  3. He chose three contacts and disabled the “Apptivo Contacts” from group icon.
  4. The removed three contacts are viewed in “My Contacts”.

Delete all synced contacts

You have the ability to delete all the synced contacts. Before deleting all synced contacts you need to backup your contacts from Google. (If you don’t have a backup already)