How do I link or associate objects together to reduce duplicate data entry?

Updated on February 18, 2016 02:56AM by Admin

What is an Object?

Our system is designed in a manner where everything is an “object” in the system. This includes leads, contacts, invoices, projects, and also activities (Tasks, call logs, notes etc...) Certain apps allow multiple associations to other objects. For example, you can associate many contacts to a single customer, or many projects to a single customer. Some apps allow only a single association. For example a sales opportunity can only have a single customer (although that customer can be linked to many opportunities). We have a feature called the 360 degrees views, which lets you see all associated objects within the system for any given object.

How many Objects can I link to?

As stated above, there is no restriction for objects to be linked, but right now you can link to an object of every type like leads, customers, items, target lists etc..,

Activities association with Objects

The Activities are a bit different. They can be associated freely, to many objects & object types at once. The most common activities available in Apps are


To know how these common activities work you need to make use of it. For instance, you can create a log call from the call logs tab of an opportunity. But, when creating that log call, there is a section called “Associated with?” Here you’ll notice it’s default associated with the current object you were viewing (the opportunity, in this case)
But, you get the option to add additional associations with the log call.

So you click “Add”, select “Contacts”.Then you can search and select that executives’ contact.

Associated objects shown as following image:

Now call log includes the contacts selected in the “Associated with” section. Click “Create” button, to get done with your call log.

Where else are these activities available?

Now move to the Contacts App and select the contact which is associated with the log call created by you. In call logs tab, the log call created will be shown in a calendar view.
When you do this, it means the same call log pops up in both places, but if you edit in one place, it updates both.. Like this way, you can associate any number of objects within the system.