How do I Customize the Fund Raising App?

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Fund Raising App Settings

Fund Raising settings are provided with meaningful defaults. You can customize them according to your requirements by configuring the application.

  1. Log in and access Fund Raising App from your universal navigation menu bar. 
  2. Click on "Settings" icon located in the app header bar.

  3. The settings page will be opened.The following will be viewed,
    Settings page

    Here there are various settings configurations which include,

    General :

    General configuration consists of Collaborations, Quick links and Tags.

         Collaborations settings allow you to hide or show the common activities tab in the Fund raising views dashboard. You can also set privilege to employees to show or hide.
    Quick Links:
    Quick links help us to add several links which guide us to get more details about the various apps.
    quick links
         Tags are labels which help in organising the apps in a personalised way.



    Email configuration consists of Email templates.

    Email templates:
         Email templates are pre defined email formats. It allows you to create standardised as well as personalised emails that can be used as per your requirement.
    email templates

    Fund Raising:

    Fund raising configuration consists of Funding round, Investment Stage, Investor, Investor lead sources and Investor lead Statuses.

    Funding Rounds:
         Investments of a company are raised in multiple rounds of financing. So, in order to accept investments at frequent intervals, you need to create funding rounds.
    funding round

    Investment Stages:
         Investment stage is an attribute of an investor lead. Typically investors have a preference as to when they want to invest in a business. Some investors prefer high risk seed investments. Some prefer late stage proven investments. Investment Stage can be defined to capture the investment preference of your investor leads.
    investment stages

    Investors are those who invest in a business. They are the main source for fund raising.

    Investor Lead Sources:
         Investor lead sources are the medium through which your business acquires investor leads. The investor lead source may be Advertising, Cold Call, Direct Mail, etc.
    investor lead sources

    Investor Lead Statuses:
         Investor Lead Statuses allows you to capture investor lead’s status while creating a new investor lead.
    investor lead status

    Customize App:

         Customize App helps in modifying the master layout, List layout and views.

    Master layout:

     fields that are unique to your business only. It allows you to add any custom fields not provided in the creation page by default.


    master layout

    List layout:

         This feature allows you to customize your fund raising fields in a list layout as a section as per your requirement.  

         list layout
    View helps in viewing your preferred apps in the 360-degree tab.

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