How do I Log in and Register for the Mobile CRM app?

Updated on December 15, 2016 10:01PM by Admin

You can log onto the mobile CRM app using the same email id and password as the one you use on the web. In other words, you are accessing the same data.

  1. Enter email address in “Email” field.
  2. Provide password in “Password” field.
  3. Click on “Log In” button.

Google Apps users will have to get their Apptivo password by clicking forgot password and having the password emailed to them.

Standard user

Unfortunately, the mobile app is only available to those who are on the premium or trial plans. You will be prompted to upgrade once logging in.

Premium user

If you are premium user your days of premium will be showed.

New user

If you are a new user click “Sign up” link.

Will the app remember my login information?

Yes! Once you log in for the first time, Apptivo mobile will store your email & password, so you do not need to enter them again. When opening the app in the future, you will always be sent to the main app homepage, where you can select an app to use. You will remain logged in, until you press the “Log Out” button.

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