How do I Collect Cases through Emails?

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Cases can be automatically created in Cases App, when a customer emails you for support. You can use email ids or aliases to receive emails from your customers. In order to receive cases through emails your account requires the Premium or Ultimate plans.

How do I Authenticate My Email Address?

Follow these steps to authenticate your email address,   

  1. Log in and access Cases App from your universal navigation menu bar. 
  2. Click on "More" icon and select Settings located at the app header bar.
    cases settings
  3. Click on “Email to Case” from left navigation panel.
    email to cases
  4. You can view the pop up which states "Requires Premium or Ultimate Plan" as shown in the image below:
    pop up 
  5. Click on “Add” button to add email address.
  6. Fill in the following details:
    • Receiving Email Account – Your Email address for authentication.
    • Password – Enter the password of your email address.
    • “Addressed To” Email Account – Either you can choose same account or can redirect to email list.
    • IMAP Host Name – Host name of your email address for example: if you have Gmail account then host name is “”.
    • Port – Port number of the domain. (993, 143) for example: port number for Gmail is 993.
    • Assigned To - Select an Employee to whom it should be assigned automatically.
    • From Email Id – When composing a message you can set this authenticated email address. If you want to use this email id when composing click on “Off” button to enable “On”.
    • Add to CC – Add the authenticated email id to the CC list, if it is not selected as from address. 
    • SLA - Service level agreement which applies for emails associated with this email address.
    • Work Shift - Work shift applied for the cases created through this email address.
    • Apply SLA only during office hours - This hours will be calculated based on work shift hours.
    • On Create - When cases created the acknowledgement email will be sent automatically; If you enable this option "ON" with the message template.
    • On Update - When cases updated the acknowledgement email will be automatically; If you enable this option "ON" with the message template.
      collect cases
  7. Click on “Authenticate” button to authenticate your email address.
  8. After that you have to do "Email Forwarding" to get all your emails into apptivo. 

For Example:

A contact named “Patrick Leon” composes an email from "" and send to authenticated email address "".

His email will be converted as a case in Cases App.

You can view the email case in “My Cases” shown in the image below:

my cases
contact with cases

Similarly, “Patrick Leon” also created as a contact in Contacts App with that email address.

You can view “Patrick Leon” in Contacts App shown in the image below:
email contact

Patrick Leon will receive an acknowledgement mail from Cases App.

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