How do I create taxes in items app?

Updated on November 24, 2016 09:05PM by Admin

A Tax is a financial charge levied on taxpayer by a state or administrative division. Tax may be charged on income and/or wealth of individual, sales/services of product etc. 

Steps to Create Taxes in Items App

  1. Log in and access Items App from your universal navigation menu bar.
  2. Click on "More" icon and select Settings icon located on app header bar.
  3. Click on “Taxes” from "Items" drop down from the left navigation panel.
  4. Click on “Create” button to create new tax. 
  5. Provide the following information:
    • Tax code - Short tax code for the tax. E.g. VAT.
    • Tax rate type – Percentage or Fixed amount of tax.
    • Tax type - Type of taxes. Eg. CA Recycle Fee tax.
    • Tax authority – Tax authority to whom you are paying taxes. E.g. California state.
    • Tax rate - Amount or Percentage of taxation.
    • Tax account - Type of tax account.
    • Postal code from and to - Postal codes of taxation.
    • Start date - Start date of tax.
    • End date - End date of tax.
  6. Click on “Create” button to complete.

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