How do I create an invoice from timesheets?

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Invoices App lets you bill customers easily, and integrates it with the sales information already stored. Customers can pay online instantly with a link sent via email, or download a PDF to pay manually. If you are doing business with a client on a regular basis then its wise to create invoices and set recurring dates to automatically send them. Lets follow the steps to understand better.

Steps to Create an Invoice from Timesheet

  1. Log in and access Invoices App from your universal navigation menu bar. 
  2. Click on “Create Invoice” and select “From Timesheet” from left navigation panel. 
    Invoice from Timesheet 
  3. Enter customer name in “Search Customer” field it will auto suggest the existing customer name, or search using “Search” icon.
    search customers 
  4. Select timesheet to create invoice. If customer has more than one timesheet. 
    Select Timesheet 
  5. You can even choose multiple timesheets and click on “Next” button. 
  6. You can view fields pre populated in invoice creation page:
    • Customer - Name of the customer will be pre populated. 
    • Contact - Customer’s Contact will be pre populated. 
    • Sales Rep - Name of an employee will be prepopulated.
    • Invoice number - This is an auto generated or manually entered number to identify invoice. 
    • Invoice Date - Date of Invoicing. 
    • Discount - Either in percentage or fixed. 
    • Payment Term - Select a payment term from predefined list. 
    • PO/WO Number - Number to identify PO. 
    • Template - Select a template from predefined list. 
    • Currency - Select a currency from predefined list. 
    • Notes to Customer - A short description about invoice.
      From Timesheets 
  7. Fill in the Timesheets:
    • Employee Name - Name of an employee will be prepopulated. 
    • Hours - Hours spent for the task will be prepopulated. 
    • Rate - Enter the rate per hour.
    • Amount - This field is auto calculated from the number of hours spent and rate per hour.
      Add Timesheets in Invoice
  8. Click on “Search icon” to add more timesheets for the same customer.
  9. Click on “Add Items” to add more items. 
    1. Click on “Add Services” to add tasks. 
      Invoice from Timesheet
  10. Click on “Preview” button to preview your invoice before sending to customer. 
  11. Click on “Email Invoice” button to send invoice immediately to customer or click on “Save for Later” button to save invoice.

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