How do I Create Warehouses?

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Warehouses are physical storage locations that are used by manufacturers and distributors to store their products before they are shipped to customers or retail outlets.

Steps to Create Warehouses

  1. Go to the Inventory Management App.
  2. Click on “Settings” -> “App Behavior” -> “Warehouses”.
    inventory settings
  3. Click on the “Create” button to create a new warehouse.
    create warehouse
  4. Enter the required warehouse details and click on “Create” button.
    click on create
  5. The warehouse will be successfully created.
    warehouse created

Note: The Warehouses once created cannot be deleted. Rather, by disabling the created warehouses, one cannot view them. To do so, click on the “Disable” button found. It can be enabled again anytime based on your preference.

disable warehouse

Steps to Create Zones

  1. If you intend to use zones, the Zones can be created from the Warehouse overview page.
    click on create
  2. Click on “Create” button found and specify:
    • Code - Specifies the Code of the Zone.
    • Name - Specifies the Name of the Zone.
    • Zone Type - Specifies the Type of the Zone.
    • Quantity Tracked - Enable this if you like to track the quantity.
    • Locator - Enable this if you like to track the location.
      create zone
  3. Once a zone is created, you will see a list of zones in that warehouse.
  4. Click on the zone name to view zone details.
    zone created
  5. If you have enabled the Locator option, create locators for this created zone.
  6. Click on “Create” button and enter the locator name.
    create locator
  7. Once created, you can now see a list of locators.
    locator created

Note: Each Warehouse can have more than one Zone and each Zone can have more than one Locator.

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