How do I view warehouse inventory?

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Warehouses are physical storage locations that are used by manufacturers and distributors to store their products before they are shipped to customers or retail outlets.

Steps to view warehouse inventory

  1. Log in and access Item Inventory App from your universal navigation menu bar. 
  2. Click on “Warehouse Inventory” from the left navigation panel. 
    warehouse inventory 
  3. You can view items with the following information:
    • Item# - Item number. 
    • Item Name – Name of an item. 
    • Variant or SKU# - Stock keeping unit of an item. 
    • On Hand Quantity – On hand quantity. 
    • Available Quantity – Quantity available in inventory. Category – Item’s category.
  4. Select a warehouse name to view items in that warehouse.  
  5. We have selected “Standard” warehouse.  
  6. You can view the items listed as shown in the image below:
    standard warehouse

Difference between on hand and available quantity:

On Hand Quantity represents what you have physically available in your warehouse.
Available Quantity represents what is available to transact.

For instance: If you increase the quantity of an item up to 100 of both on hand and available quantity. When you create an order for 25 items, first the available quantity will be reduced to 75; when you accept the order (i.e pick release the order), on hand quantity will also be reduced to 75.

How do I Create Warehouses?

You can “Create” warehouses you need in the Item Inventory App by using Inventory App->Settings->Warehouses.

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