How do I Delete a Receivable?

Updated on August 29, 2017 01:42AM by Admin

Customer Payments App allows you to delete a payment which is created before using delete option which is provided near all the receivables.

Steps to Delete a Customer Payment

  1. Log in and access Customer Payments App from your Universal navigation menu bar. 
  2. Click on "Show All" from the Left navigation panel.
    show all
  3. You can view Customer Payment with the following information in a table format:
    • Customer – Name of the customer. 
    • Invoice - Invoice number. 
    • Payment Method – Mode of payment.
    • Payment Date – Payment date. 
    • Amount – Amount paid.
  4. Click on More details(...) icon near the payment which you want to delete.
    For instance:- Customer : overpayment 
     more details
  5. You will be redirected to the Overview page. Click on Delete button in the right corner of the page. 
  6. On clicking on the Delete button, a Warning pop up will appear asking whether you are sure in deleting this Customer Payment. Click on Yes button to proceed.
    warning pop up
  7. You will be provided with another pop up asking to change the status of the invoice. You can change the status of the invoice to draft, sent, viewed, do not change.
    status of invoice title =
    • Draft - Invoice will be moved to draft status in Invoices App.
    • Sent - Invoice will be moved to sent status in Invoices App.
    • Viewed - Invoice will be moved to viewed status in Invoices App.
    • Do not change - Customer Payments will be deleted without any change.
  8. Click on Proceed button to delete the Customer payment. 
  9. The Customer payment will be deleted successfully.

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