How do I edit a work order?

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The Work Orders (WO) application allows you to easily manage and dispatch resources to address customer problems on-site, as well as providing a method for employees to track the hours & products used to resolve each work order.

Steps to Edit a Work Order

  1. Log in and access Work Orders App from your universal navigation menu bar.
  2. Click on “By Status” and select “All” from the left navigation panel.
    click all under by status
  3. All the work orders will be listed in the dashboard.
    choose work order to edit
  4. Click on "More Details(...)" icon near the work order to be updated.
  5. You can view "Overview" page, in which you can modify various information:
    • General.
    • Problem.
    • Summary.
    • Service Delivery Window.
    • Services Provided.
    • Products/Items sold.
    • Resolution summary. 
  6. For instance: To edit the template, click on the template field. The "Edit" icon will be displayed.
    edit work order
  7. Click on the edit icon. Now, select the preferred template.
    select preferred template
  8. Click on “Save” button to complete.

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