How do I Generate an Invoice from Opportunities?

Updated on November 24, 2017 06:48AM by Admin

Opportunities App allows you to keep track of sales opportunities, strategize,  and organize your efforts to close the deals. The opportunity is the second phase of the sales stage. That is its the stage after being converted from a lead. And gradually it will be converted to an Order once a deal is reached. At the time of closing the deal, you also need to raise the invoice. It can be generated from Opportunities App. Let's have a look at the same.

Here are the steps that will give you an insight into how to generate the invoice from Opportunity.

Steps to Generate Invoice from Opportunity

  1. Log in and access Opportunities App in your universal navigation menu bar.  
  2. Create a new opportunity or select an opportunity. 
  3. You can view the opportunity with created information. 
  4. Click on “Convert” button and select "Invoices" from a list. 
    convert to invoice
  5. On the invoice creation page (Invoices App), provide the information:
    • Customer - Name of the customer. It will be pre populated from Opportunities App. 
    • Contact - Name of the contact. It will be pre populated from Opportunities App. 
    • Invoice # - This is an auto generated or manually entered number to specify an estimate.
  6. You can view the opportunity's item of interest is pre populated in "Invoices"
    email invoice
  7. Click on “Email Invoice” button to send an invoice to the customer.

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