What are the Apps Integrated with Loyalty Management?

Updated on January 17, 2018 09:48PM by Admin

Apptivo Loyalty management software keeps your customers happy, by generating coupons and giving discounts based on the points. Apptivo, being well known for its integrated apps, the Loyalty Management App also has some noteworthy integrations. Let us now go through the related apps of Loyalty Management - Customers, Pricing, Promotions, Targets and Campaigns App. To know more about loyalty management app, click here.

Related App

Customers App

Apptivo enables the customer loyalty management through the Customers App. You can create loyalty programs for customers and the customer can be rewarded.

Pricing App

Promotions App

Campaigns App

You can create campaigns with events from the Apptivo Campaigns App, and when the customers meet the required points, coupons can be generated.

Targets App

As the Apptivo Campaigns is closely integrated, the Apptivo Target application will also get integrated hand in hand.