How do I Print Work Order Information?

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Work orders App allows you to print your work order information using the "Print PDF" option in the overview page. The followings steps will give a clearer picture.

Steps to Print Work Orders

  • Log in and access the Work Orders App from your universal navigation menu bar.
  • Click on “By Queue” and select “My Work Orders” from the left navigation panel.

    universal navigation menu bar

  • You can view all your work orders. Click on "More Details(...)" icon.

    Show All

  • In the work order overview page, click on “Print PDF” button.

    Print PDF Option

  • Select “Open” work order PDF and click on the “Ok” button.

    Print PDF Option

  • Now, you can view your work order PDF information.

    Printed Work Order

Note: You can also enable Serial Number in the Work Orders both in the Overview and the Print PDF pages.

Steps to include Serial Number in Work Orders:

  • Navigate to Settings in Work Orders from the "More Options(...)"


  • Click on the Master Layout from the Customize App dropdown.

    Master Layout

  • Select the “Products/Items Sold” section, in the Inspector Tab, you can find the Auto-Generate toggle disabled under the Numbering section.

    Items section

  • Enable the Auto-Generate toggle, in the Inspector Tab.

    Auto Generate Numbering

  • You can view the Serial Numbers for the Items in the Overview Page of the Work Order.

    Overview Page

  • Now, Click on the Print/Web Layout from the Customize App dropdown.

    Print view

  • Select the “Products/Item List Sold” section, you can find the Auto Generate toggle disabled in the Inspector Tab.

    Auto Generate S no

  • Enable the Auto-Generate toggle. In the Inspector Tab.

    Enabled Auto Generate

  • You can get the Serial Numbers in the Print PDF layout.

    Printed Work Order with S No

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