How do I view Trial Balance in Ledger App?

Updated on April 2, 2020 09:08AM by Admin

Apptivo Balance sheet helps in financial accounting, a balance sheet or statement of financial position. You can view the summary of the financial balances of an individual or organization. You can view the Monthly wise Unadjusted and Adjusted Trial Balance summary.

Steps to view

  • Login and access the Ledger App from the Universal Menu.
  • Click on the Accounting Period on the Left Panel.
Accounting Period
  • Click on the current fiscal year FY2020 and Select the Q1.
  • Select the Month, Accounting Period page will get open to view the statement.
  • In the statement list, you can view the Unadjusted Trial Balance and Adjusted Trial Balance.
  • By clicking on the Unadjusted Trial Balance, you can view the Unadjusted Trial Balance Summary.
Unadjusted Trail Balance
  • By clicking on the Adjusted Trial Balance, you can view the Adjusted Trial Balance Summary.
Adjusted Trail Balance