How do I Import Distributors from CSV File?

Updated on July 12, 2017 02:37AM by Admin

Distributors app allows you to import distributors from other sources. This will minimise your work of creating distributors manually.

Steps to import distributors

  1. Log in and access Distributors app from your universal navigation menu bar.  
  2. Before importing your file, verify you didn't make any common errors.
  3. Click on "Import" from More -> import in App header bar.
  4. Click on “Import” button. 

    new import
  5. Click on “Browse” button and select CSV file from your computer.  
  6. Click on “Next” button. You can “Map Fields” relevant to CSV attributes. 
    map fields
  7. Once you are done with mapping.
  8. Click on “Import” button to proceed to next step.
  9. Next step includes validation of imports checking for mandatory values, data format duplicate values and reference values,
  10. After validations, the file is ready for import. Click on "Start Import" button to import the file.

    start import 
  11. After completion of imports, the pop up screen will appear stating the successful completion of imports. 
    successfully imported
  12. On clicking on the "Ok" button, the file will be successfully imported in the Distributors App.
    file imported

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