How do I Customize Purchase Order Number Generation?

Updated on September 20, 2018 01:41AM by Admin

Apptivo allows you to customize the auto-generating Purchase Order Number format i.e., Prefix and Starts With Number to suits your business practices. 
To change the Purchase Order Number format, 
  • Log in to Purchase Orders app and go to Settings
  • Click Purchase Orders from the left-pane and select Numbering.
  • Enable the Auto Generate toggle button, if it isn't enabled already in order to edit the  Prefix and Starts With field. 
  • Now, edit the purchase order "Prefix" and "Starts With" fields to suit your business practices and changes will be automatically saved. The "Starts With" field can only be numerical values. 

The purchase order Prefix will always be the same but the Starts With number will be consecutive numbers of the value entered in the field. For example, if the Prefix is "PO_" and Starts With number is 100, then the purchase order numbers will be generated in the order of PO_100, PO_101, PO_102, and so on.

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