How do I find closed cases?

Updated on August 7, 2020 06:52AM by Admin

Cases App shows your closed cases in Closed status. You cannot view the closed status by a simple search. However,  it is possible to view the closed cases, if you perform an advanced search by Case number and Status.

Steps to Find Closed Cases Using By Status

  • Log in and access the Cases app from your universal navigation menu.
  • Select Lists drop-down and then click on By Status. Select Closed status from the left navigation panel. Manage statuses through Settings →  Statuses.
  • You can view the closed cases as shown in the image below:


Advanced search

  • Click on the tiny down arrow in the Search field. 

Advanced Search

  • Enter Case# and choose Closed status, click on the Search icon. 


  • You can view closed cases as shown in the image below:

Search Results

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