How can I create a price list with multiple suppliers for an Item?

Updated on September 6, 2016 05:20AM by Admin

You are able to set up special price lists for suppliers which allow every item to have a different price.

In any case, you will achieve this by using the combination of these three apps:

We will use the pricing app to set "price lists", and every product can have a different price for each price list. Each price list is linked to a specific supplier category, which is assigned to suppliers that will receive this pricing.

Steps to create Price list

  1. Create a new price list.
  2. Associate the item with the created price list.
    Price List
  3. Go to Suppliers App and click on "More" and select "Settings" icon located at the app header bar.
  4. Select "Categories" from supplier dropdown and click on "Create" button for create a new category or click on the existing category which will you need to update.
    For example, we have to create a new category by clicking "Create" button.
    create category
  5. Fill the category name, price list and then click on create.
  6. Either create a new supplier or select a existing supplier to modify.
  7. Select the supplier category for this supplier as shown in the image below:
  8. Repeat this until all categories are created, and all supplier are assigned to a category. If a supplier does not require a special price, they do not need to have a category. They will all be charged with the default price for that item.