How do I create a follow up in my agenda?

Updated on April 9, 2020 06:58AM by Admin

A proper structure of day to day activities is necessary for the effective functioning of a business. It is also needed to make sure the business runs smoothly without any confusion. Along with planning different activities, it is also equally important to create a follow-up.

John, the Customer Service Agent had a call with Ash, a customer. The call was regarding an issue he was facing while using the Application. John realized that it requires a discussion with the engineering team. So, he informed Ash that he will get back to him with a solution tomorrow. To have that as a part of his schedule, Ash makes use of Apptivo to add a follow-up.

Steps to create a Follow-Up

  • Log into your Apptivo account and you can see the My Agenda on the home page. Select Create Activity. You will see the dropdown to create either Event, Task, or Follow Up. Select Follow Up.

  • You can see the ‘Create Follow Up’ side panel. In the create Follow Up, select the App to be associated.
Create Follow Up

  • Here, Customers App is selected. Select search to associate a customer with the follow-up.
App Select

  • In the Customer - Search and Select, select the customer to be associated.
Customer Search

  • You can see the customer is added. Along with this, add the Follow-Up date, Reminder Time, and description for the Follow Up.
Information Added

  • Select Create. You can see a Follow Up is created. It is added to your Agenda. Click on it to the View Follow Up.
View Follow Up

  • Here, next to App, you can see the hyperlink of the associated Customer.
  • On clicking it, you will be redirected to that customer page in the Customers App.