How do I Buy and Sell Items internationally using multi-currencies?

Updated on March 5, 2019 03:01am by Admin

The Multi-currency feature gives you an option to manage your businesses internationally. This also renders you to auto convert the currency values to your base currency.

For Instance: Let's consider that Glocial Technologies is a Business that offers Software development in a wider range. This portrays that the business is International and has Clients throughout the world. You being the Managing Director (Super User), would be in a responsibility to manage the business settings of the company. To manage the same, the multi-currencies has to be configured.

Note: In order to buy and sell items, you need to first configure Currency conversions in your Business Settings.

Steps to create Items with Multi-Currency:

  1. Login to your Apptivo Account and go to the Items App.

  2. Click on the More Options (...) → Settings in the universal navigation bar.

    Settings Option In  Items App

  3. Select Master Layout from the Customize App dropdown in the left navigation panel.

    Master Layout

  4. In the master layout, choose the currency attributes, here, Price.

    Price Attribute

  5. On selecting the Price attribute, in the Inspector tab, enable the “Allow Override” toggle and “Save” the layout.

    Allow Override

  6. Now create a new Item.

    Create option in Items

  7. You can now choose the Price currency from the dropdown according to your requirement and create the item.

    Multi currency availability

If no currency is configured in the business settings, you will not get any dropdown option and your Base Currency will be assigned as default.

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