What are User Roles and Privileges Granted in Cases App?

Updated on January 16, 2017 02:31AM by Admin

You can view the roles and privileges of all applications in Employees App. This allows you to manage roles and privileges of each app.

  1. Log in and access Employees App and Click on “Mass Role Assignment” to view roles.
  2. You can also view and modify privileges assigned to that role through Settings -> Roles.

The various user roles and privileges granted in Cases App are,


  • Customer Service
  • Manager
  • Super User


  • View Cases - Add applications from App store, can view object information.
  • Cases - Can access cases information.
  • Manage Cases - Can create, update and delete customer information

You can view the roles and privileges as shown in the table below:

S.no Privileges Super User Sales Person
1 Customer Service Manager Yes Yes
2 Super User Yes Yes