How do I get a service location on the work orders?

Updated on January 9, 2018 10:27PM by Admin

While creating work orders, the field service location auto populates the customer's "Business Location" value. So, before selecting a particular customer, ensure that whether the customer has any value in the address information field, as it will get displayed as the service location address in "Service Location" drop down in create work order page.

If your customer has both billing and shipping address information, then both addresses are displayed in "Service Location" drop down. Once you select any of the address, it will display in "Address" field.

Lets follow the steps below.

For instance:
The customer's address information with business location as shown in the image below:
customers billing and shipping address

Here the customer has both billing and shipping address, you can view both the addresses in "Service Location" drop down.
service location drop down