How do I edit and update my project due date?

Updated on January 29, 2020 11:23PM by Admin

You cannot edit the due date of the project on the Overview page. The Projects App in Apptivo allows you to make changes to the start date and end date of the Project. Based on the end date, the system calculates the due date of a project.

For Instance: Let us consider creating a new project in the Projects App.

Create Project

Here, you can see the end date is set as 01/24/2020 which is four days from the start date. Now, let us create a project.

Due Date

  • On the Project dashboard, you can see the due date is set as 4 days. This is because the Project ends after 4 days. Apptivo considers this as the due date.

For Instance: Consider the end date is set to end before 2 days from today, January 29, 2020.

Before Today

Then. the due date will be shown as 2 days ago.

Due Date Set

If the feature is enabled to set the start date and end date based on tasks, then the due date will also change when the end date of task changes.