How to access Apptivo through Google Additional setup?

Updated on December 4, 2015 09:46PM by Admin

Apptivo can be logged in through "Additional Setup" found in Google. Only the Administrator can access Apptivo through "Additional Setup".

Access Apptivo through "Additional Setup"

  1. Sign in to your Admin console.
  2. Click on "Settings" icon and select "Manage this domain". Note: Have administrator privileges (in order to see your organization's Admin console).
    Manage this Domain
  3. Click on "Marketplace Apps" from "Apps" folder to view Apptivo applications added.
    Apps folder in Google
    App settings
  4. Click on "Apptivo" or "Apptivo Contact" sharing applications.
    Applications found in marketplace
  5. Click on "Settings" and navigate "Go to Apptivo for setup" link in "Additional Settings" as shown in the below image.
    Additional setup
  6. You can view the Apptivo home page, mean while if you have new users in Google, you will be informed with warning pop up or import employees pop up.
    home page