If my Customer Purchases and Returns Back the Items, how do I Process Product Return in Apptivo?

Updated on April 30, 2018 11:15PM by Admin

As per the current functional flow, you cannot view the history of original invoice. Only the last updated information can be tracked in reports or in views. But here are the steps to process product return, when the customer purchases the items, and the invoice has been sent to him. But once he returns the items, you also need to update that in the system.

The image shown below, is the original invoice created for the customer. Take a walk through the steps to understand better.


Steps for Product Return Process

  1. Remove the original payment so we can edit the invoice
    1. View the invoice
    2. Go to Payments Tab, now click the blue "Pencil" icon to edit the payment.
    3. Uncheck the box “Mark as Paid” and update.
    4. Now click the blue "Trash" icon to delete the payment completely.
  2. Edit the invoice to set proper amounts
    1. Go to overview tab, and you can now edit the invoice.
    2. Remove the original product(CDA - R&D Gold) or create new item or override item price for original product on invoice creation page.


    3. Make sure the only value on the invoice is for that restocking fee (desired for reporting), then save.
  3. Record the payment & add notes
    1. Now click the record payment button, but only record the restocking fee amount.
    2. Go to the notes of the invoice and write down a description of what happened, so you know what occurred if you ever come back to it.

View in Invoice Report

You can track the updated invoice, as shown in the image below: