How do I view my tasks or services entered while creating invoice?

Updated on April 30, 2018 11:09PM by Admin

When creating invoice you will need to enter the service/task name in the text field. These tasks will be stored in a database or saved in "Tasks" tab of that particular invoice.  You can view the tasks created in invoice creation page in home dashboard. Take a quick look at the following steps.

View Associated Tasks in Home Dashboard

You can view the tasks in global task dashboard at home page, this leads you to view in right side panel.

  1. Create invoice with tasks, email to customer.
  2. You can view the same tasks in "Tasks" menu of home dashboard. The tasks can be quickly filtered based on their actions such as "Today's Tasks, Overdue Tasks, Upcoming Tasks, Completed Tasks" and statuses.
  3. The estimated duration will be accumulated from the "Hours" field on invoice creation page.
  4. The start date and end date of the task will be accumulated from estimated duration field and employee's work shift.
    Tasks created from invoice
  5. Click on more details icon (3 dots icon) to view task information.
  6. The invoice association will be found at the bottom, click on it to navigate to invoice overview page.

View Associated Tasks in Object View Page

Here the estimate is converted to invoice, so the tasks are associated with both invoice and estimate. You can view the services entered under "Tasks" tab of that specific invoice as shown in the image below: