How do I Create Notes in My Home Page?

Updated on April 8, 2020 05:16AM by Admin

One common use of Notes Activity of Apptivo is to provide a log of changes made in the records. Even your conversations can be taken as notes and it can be associated with any related App.

Hayley, the Product Expert, has been in communication with a customer regarding the customer’s request for price change. Both the parties have been negotiating for quite some time. To keep logs of the conversations, Hayley makes use of the Notes Activity of Apptivo and associates the customer to it for easy reference.

Steps to Create Notes

  • Log in to your account. Click on the Notes tab from the left navigation panel.
Apptivo Home Page

  • In the Notes Home Page, click on the Create button to create notes.
Create Notes

  • The Create Note side panel will appear. Here, you can choose a Template for the Notes.
Create Notes Side Panel

  • Add your notes in the description section. Apptivo offers multiple tools to edit your text according to your requirements. You can also add images and tables to Notes.
Notes Description

  • On scrolling down, you have the option to add all associated parties to the Notes for easy reference. By default, the Employee’s name will be associated. Click on the (+) icon to add the associated person.
Associated With

  • In the Association - Search and Select, you have an option to add the related parties from any app of Apptivo. You can also add keywords to search effectively.
Search Association

  • Here, Customers App is chosen. The list of customers present in the Customers App will be listed. Select the customer for the association.
Customer Search

  • Here, you can see Brock is associated. You can also add Tags to the Notes.
Tag Added

  • Once the Note is added, select Create. A new note is included in the Notes Activity. Click on the Expand icon.
Notes Created

  • The View Notes side panel will appear with information associated with the Note.
View Notes

  • Subsequently, when you navigate to the concerned Customer profile in the Customers App, the notes will appear.
Customer App