How to set the column width for fields in a table in the Contacts App?

Updated on May 22, 2020 04:45AM by Admin

The table column width is one of the field properties found in Master Layout. This width feature is used to set a predefined width of a column element.

Steps to Set Table Column Width for Fields

  • Select the Settings page of your Contacts App from the App Header.

  • From the Settings page, choose Customize App → Master Layout from the left panel.
Customize App

  • The Master Layout page appears. Here, select a particular field in a table whose table column width is to be modified.
Master Layout

  • Here, you can see the Phone Number field in a custom table called Customer Referral is selected.
Custom Table

  • Click on the phone field to view its Inspector tab. Scroll down to the Standard Behavior section. Here, you can set the Table Column Width in pixels.
  • This allows the field width to be the same when viewing contacts.
Width Changed

  • Once the changes are made, save it.
  • When you view the overview page of contact, the column width of the Phone Number Field will be as per the configuration in the Master Layout.
Overview Page