How do I make a field read-only so users cannot edit?

Updated on June 22, 2017 05:03AM by Admin

There are times when you would have imported a legacy field from your previous system, and want that value visible, but don’t want users editing it.  This is applicable to all the modules in Apptivo CRM.

Lets go through the steps to see how its done.

Steps to Make This Field Read Only 

  1. Go to any of the apps such as Contacts, Customers, Leads, Opportunities, Cases, and Invoices.  
  2. Click on "More" and select "Settings" from app header bar.
    Invoice settings
  3. Click on "Customize App -> Master Layout" from left navigational panel.
  4. Click on the legacy field to provide security.
  5. At the right hand side, you will view inspector column, toggle on the "Field Security" option
    Field Level Security
  6. Create a new privilege for that field, click on the Edit Privilege drop down to "Add New" privilege. 
    Create New Privilege
  7. Enter the privilege name to Create it. 
    Access Denied
  8. After creating a new privilege let it unassigned to users. 
    Edit Privilege

Steps to Hide The Fields

  • Click on the field, you must view "Visibility Section" at the right side.
  • Toggle off to hide this field.

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