How do I View Case History in Audit Trail?

Updated on December 16, 2017 11:20PM by Admin

The news feed tab is where you will go to view the complete history of a case from start to finish. This includes the following.

  • All communication back & forth with the client
  • Any internal notes added to the case
  • Any updates to fields, attachments, etc

Reviewing case events can help you trace the path of a case and troubleshoot any issues. If the original field’s value was changed, the new value appears along with the crossed-out previous value. This makes it easier for you to see the changes made. The news feed is a complete log of events. However, you can filter out the events in many ways as per your requirement.

Also, you can post a note on the news feed text area.

The template drop down allows you to select the pre-defined email template, when sharing a note to customer or assignee.

The default filter is designed to show the complete details of communication with the client.

There are two filter drop downs found in news feed.

  1. The first drop down specifies the detail of each event.
  • Simple – If the note is added, this view will display “added a note”
  • Detailed – If the note is added, this view will display the entire contents of the note.

2. The second drop down specifies what types of events you want to see.
  • External – Display only communication that is shared with the client.
  • Internal – Shows internal notes and any field/attachment updates. Typically you’ll only select either “External” or “Show All” to get a comprehensive view.